Holy Show is a print publication that presents all flavours of life, society and culture through the eyes of Ireland’s artists. Can you help us fill 4–16 pages of blank paper?


Visual Art / Theatre / Film / Dance / Music / Circus / Architecture / etc.

We’re interested in presenting and adapting art from a range of forms into the print medium. Whether its theatre scripts, film excerpts, dance pieces, audio documentaries, graphic narratives, photography, illustration or visual art, we’re looking for work that tells stories about people, place or engaging subject matter



We're interested in text that falls loosely into the category of creative non-fiction – essays; musings; travelogues of inner and outer space; documentaries; research, analyses and criticism of everyday life and issues. Where possible, we’re keen to pair text with any kind of visual material.  No fiction or poetry please. 



We’re really interested in presenting work that transcends single forms, and in pairing the work of two or more artists, so feel free to submit ideas as a pair / trio / collective.


Submit your Idea 

The subject matter of the work should have a loose connection to Ireland or some aspect of Irish life, or simply be by an Irish or Ireland-based artist. It can be quiet and considered, or holy showy as hell. 

If you have an idea that you think will fit well in Holy Show, email a summary in 50 to 200 words during August and September 2019 with ‘Idea’ in the subject line

  • If it’s mainly text based, is there any imagery or visuals that might go with it? How can you make the most of the full-colour publication (no worries if it’s just quality text, we might find a visual pairing for you).
  • If it’s not text-based, or mostly visual, explain how you think it might be presented in print. Perhaps its obvious. Tell us anyway.
  • If you want to send finished work, or samples from non-text-based work, then please include a summary of the idea anyway, in 50–200 words in the body of the email, and then attach the additional work in a Word doc or PDF file.
  • We will respond to ideas we think are a good fit for this publication. A non-response is not a reflection on the quality of your idea or the work, but rather its perceived suitability for Holy Show.


Payment Payment to contributors for original work or commissions range between €50 and €250. Fees vary depending on the number of print pages filled and the nature of the work.


Email ideas to