• a gonzo travelogue to dawn Easter Mass in County Kerry; 
  • an essay on the topic of bogs, family and Alzheimer’s disease;  
  • a conversation between a writer and a senator on their vision for education in Ireland, alongside photos from Deserted Schoolhouses of Ireland
  • musings on a piece of RTÉ archival footage from Halloween in County Cavan 1986 with original illustrations; 
  • a photo-essay / memoir  produced by a visual artist, arranged for the stage and adapted to print; 
  • a collaboration between a poet, a filmmaker and a choreographer; 
  • a conversation set round a kitchen table in Kinvara about a long-lost portrait; 
  • ruminations on the sublime beauty and profound oddness of the Irish language, extracted from Arán & Im, in theatres now.


Declan O'Rourke, Lisa McInerney, Sen. Lynn Ruane, Gary Coyle, Claire Brankin, Ian Maleney, Roisín Kiberd, Robbie Brennan, Enda O'Flaherty, Dani Gill, Stephanie Dufresne, Muiris Crowley, Laura Sheeran, Manchán Magan, John Conneely, Liadain O'Donovan and Julia Monard. 

It’s got text, photography, illustration, choreography, film, audio and conversation. It analyses, criticizes and entertains. It tells great stories.

Printed in Ireland. Holy Show is 190mm width by 270mm height, printed 4-color with perfect binding on uncoated stock with environmentally friendly non-hazardous vegetable-based inks. 

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